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How does your license compare to the wholesale dealer license programs that exist?
Our license program allows you to wholesale and retail vehciles (sell to the public.) Wholesale dealers may only sell to other licensed auto dealers.

How does your organization compare with other companies that offer to assist me to obtain a dealer license?
We believe we have several advantages of our competitors. We offer the quickest way to become licensed, with one of lowest cost of entry to begin your business. Additionally, you can end your partnership with only two months written notice. No year lease or long term commitments. Lastly, we do not charge any type of application fees.

We offer many more competitive advantages. Please visit our Advantages Page to learn more.

Why should I join one of your dealerships instead of getting my own dealer license?
Joining one of our dealerships is the quicker process to become licensed, usually taking only 7 10 days. Additionally, your overhead is dramatically less than operating your own dealership, since several partners are sharing (or paying) the monthly expenses of the dealership.

How do you compare to the wholesale dealer license programs that exist?
All of our dealerships are RETAIL licensed locations. That means members can retail, wholesale, and export vehicles. There is no need to have a retail dealer to assist you to complete a sale to a private buyer. You sell the vehicle directly to the purchaser of the vehicle.

What is the difference between a wholesale and retail license?
A retail license allows you to sell to the public (private buyers,) as well as sell to other dealers and to export. A wholesale license only permits you to sell to other dealers (and export, if the license allows it.)