Your Auto Dealership

Entry Level Dealer License Program - $299 Per Month! is now introducing its Entry Level Dealer License Program. This program offers applicants the opportunity to become an auto dealer for even less. Only $299 of your monthly profits goes toward your share of the dealership expenses. You keep the rest . . . its just that simple!

Members of our dealership group still receive the following benefits:

What YourAutoDealership Does:

We make you a partner of an established dealership and a member of the limited liability company that owns the dealership.This makes you a licensed and bonded automotive dealer! Any owner of the dealership is automatically a licensed auto dealer.

Once you are a licensed automotive dealer, you can attend wholesale, dealer only auctions, buy and sell cars anywhere in the United States as a licensed dealer and keep all the profits!

The Entry Level Dealer License Program provides you with the same support as our other program. However, with this program, a dealer plate is not included, in order to control expenses. Partners with this program will make arrangements to have their inventory transported, either by using auction delivery services, a car dolly, or other means.

This program is also perfect for those individuals that wish to sell online, or export vehicles, as both of these activities usually do not require the use of a dealer plate.

Qualified applicants that apply can usually be approved and start attending auctions within two weeks! A completed application, along with the first month and last two month’s expenses, is required. Please call us at 888-207-1911 for more information.