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We offer a fast, very economical and efficient way to get your dealer license!

Compare our Licensing Programs to getting an Independent Wholesale or Retails Dealer License:
(usually paid by the customer)
Independent Wholesale
or Retail Licenses

(usually paid by the
partner or dealer)
Rent Included $299 - $799+/month
Insurance Included $180 - $300/month
Bond Included $20/month
Credit Check No, for most partners Always to obtain a dealer bond
Miscellaneous Expenses (state fees for LLC application, taxation licenses, dealer license application fees, etc) Included $25/month

Documentation Fees Typically $89-150 per transaction (usually paid by the customer) Typically $150-$200 per transaction
(usually paid by the partner or retailer)
Application Fees / Administration Fees None $100 - $700+

Start Up Time 7 - 10 Days 45 - 60 Days
Long Term Commitment Business via Lease or Agreement Can cancel with one month notice A year lease and/or yearly state license obligation may have to be satisfied

Required Number of Transactions per Year None Varies.  For example, Indiana requires minimum of 120 transactions to maintain license.  Do your research.

Training and Support Live auction training, real time training, unlimited support 7 day/week by experienced auto dealers Varies

Sell As Many Cars As You Want-No Limit!

Call our office for more information or for an application to get started today.